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Personal Training Studio

At Empower-Fit Personal Training Christchurch, we don't focus on the number on the scale. We guide you to improve your overall health and wellbeing through exercise and developing self acceptance. Weightloss is an added bonus.

Start fully living now, in this moment!

Book your free trial session, to see how I can guide you to achieve your goals.

About Me

Hi I'm Monique Gray, I am a REP's registered Personal Trainer and endorsed by Exercise NZ's Stress Management Programme.

As a busy mother of two I  have experienced the struggle with weightloss and dealing with everyday stresses. Using myself as a guinea pig and studying to gain a Personal Training Qualification I then set out to help others like myself .

My experience has shown me that it is important to shift the focus, from weightloss to improving overall wellbeing and creating a balanced lifestyle. 




16 East Ellington Drive

Mairehau, Christchurch

021 155 6459


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Personal/ Couples
Training Sessions

One on one or couples training sessions. The sessions are approx 45mins and tailored to your goals.

Ask about discounted rates for 5 visit concession or off peak training special

Employer funded Stress Management Sessions

Under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, employers have an obligation to try to prevent and reduce work related harm amongst their staff.This includes mental or physical ill health due to workplace stress.

Adopting an effective programme of exercise can play a huge role in managing stress levels, the result is a win/win situation for both employees and the business they work for.

I am a Stress Management Exercise Association Endorsed Programme (SMEAEP) exercise professional, which allows me to offer sessions to businesses for a fee that is FBT exempt from the IRD.

Thanks for your enquiry, we will be in touch soon

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